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Experience the Olive Briq Premium Briquettes this Grilling Season!

At Chimney Sweeps of Sherwood Forest, we are constantly looking to provide the most innovative and environmentally-friendly products to our customers. 

Premium Briquettes from Olive Briq now available from Chimney Sweeps of Sherwood Forest

Since 1992, the Olive Briq company has been producing premium briquettes made from 100% renewable & recycled pits from the pristine olive groves of Kalamata, Greece. Olive Briq has now made this product available in North America. 

These amazing briquettes feature high heating power (2,893 kcal/lb), 30% less carbon Monoxide emissions (compared to wood briquettes) and create the sweet smell of olives while you grill.  

There are many state-of-the-art products featured in the Sherwood Forest Inc. Showroom near Mt. Airy, including the Black Olive Grill. The Black Olive’s patented design and shape (19-inch cooking surface!) gives it the ability to reach a wide range of temperatures, making it perfect for slow roasting or searing.

The Black Olive Grill

The combination of the Black Olive Grill and the Premium Briquettes from Olive Briq will significantly elevate your grilling experience and reputation as a Grill Master! You will produce the best tasting food in your neighborhood and never overcook or scorch your food again. 

We invite you to see these products in person by planning a visit to our showroom at your earliest convenience. A member of our staff will help you learn more about your options, financing and all details that factor in to making a smart decision for your next grill and/or hearth product.

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