Historic Restoration

At Chimney Sweeps of Sherwood Forest, we specialize in repairing and restoring chimneys to their original beauty and functionality.

We understand that historic homes are appreciated for their beauty and restoring the chimney on a historic home is very different from repairing a modern chimney. So be comforted in that fact that we specialize in restoring and rebuilding chimneys in historic homes. Careful consideration must be given as to which materials and processes will bring the chimney up to the level of function expected in modern homes, without damaging the historic look or undermining the structural integrity.

For those that have older homes, it can be difficult to know how well the chimney has been maintained by former owners. All those years that have gone by with the constant effects of combustion and weathering the elements, It is likely that hazards can be hiding somewhere in your chimney system. We will find those hidden chimney issues (including bringing your chimney up to current code standards), and make it function just as great as it looks.

Even if you have those hard to find bricks or maybe there are other unique circumstances related to your chimney, we are committed to helping you find whatever you need and making your home’s chimney the best it can be.


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