Wood Fireplaces

Chimney Sweeps of Sherwood Forest proudly displays RSF & Regency Woodburning Fireplace Products in our showroom.

Featured Products:

Focus 250

Versatile size and modern features
Versatile size and modern features

The Focus 250 is a truly amazing fireplace. The compact body makes it versatile enough to use as a replacement for an existing fireplace, but the glass viewing space has been maximized. It is also ideal for installations where a raised hearth is desired, especially if the ceiling height is low. The efficiency and heat output are astounding, while the design is both simple and modern. The Focus 250 a contemporary wood burner that’s not to be missed.

Focus ST

Focus ST (See Thru)
Focus ST (See Thru)

The Focus ST is a contemporary, high efficiency see through fireplace that can be enjoyed from two separate rooms. Each side includes a large glass viewing space and an operational door.

Capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet, the Focus ST is designed for ambiance and comfort.

Regency RS90

The RS90's exceptional air wash system keeps glass clean
The RS90’s exceptional air wash system keeps glass clean

This high efficiency EPA certified wood fireplace puts a designer face on a hard working heater. Delivering up to 70,000 BTU of high efficiency heat, your Regency will burn for up to 8 hours while your rest.

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