Masonry Services

Masonry Chimney Services

Over time every masonry chimney needs some type of maintenance even if you do not use it. Common problems for masonry chimneys include spalling brick, cracks in the chimney structure, cracked flue liners, deteriorated mortar joints in the flue and shell, cracks in the crown and cracked and/or deteriorated fire brick. Masonry, although very durable, does have some inherent issues that require regular maintenance. If left unattended, a masonry chimney can fail and cause damages to the nearby structure.

Here are the following Masonry Chimney Services that we offer:

Chimney Repairs / Rebuild

Brick Replacement

Brick / Block / Stone


Crown Repair / Rebuild

Firebox Repairs


Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Caps


Damper Replacement


Residential / Commercial Insurance Work

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